A little update.

I have been asked to update.

No. I dont have another blog. Well not a family one. I do have another one to keep track of something. But thats about it. So what is that something? Well……. Since i have told everyone in the family………. Im expecting my 8th baby. I was not thrilled at all when i found out. I was depressed. Why? Because i finally got my body to realize to lose weight. I was finally in a mode to get healthy. Things were going great! I wasn’t having any infections. No sickness. Nothing. My body was healing. I felt AWESOME! THe move ruined my excercise routine. But i was still losing weight because of unpacking boxes and moving stuff around. I felt like i was on the top. I was ready for phase 2. And then…….. I got preggo.

My hubby is happy. Me? Well when i get preggo i sign up for infections, possible Hypermesis, high blood pressure, Pre E, Awful fatigue and headaches. And i had it all. I had a mild form of Hypermesis. I was sick 24/7 for 6 weeks. From 6 weeks til this week. Now its every other day.

I already had a couple infections in those 6 weeks. My body was so tired i couldnt go on like normal in my daily life. I was constantly losing anything i ate or drank. I lost even more weight. And now im gaining it. LOL

So thats that.

It has been an adventurous few days here. With school orientations, figuring out my login for school info, {They dont tell you jack here}.

Skyla and i went alone to her Middle school orientation. We had fun getting to know her Guidance Counsellor and meeting the principal. When we did the tour i had Skyla in front of me and she was SMILING! She’s not as nervous anymore. She likes it. Her school HUGE! Tho its only 1 floor it is long. My girl is growing up. Sniff Sniff.

She has a few things she wants to get involved in. Tho whats lame is, 6th graders dont get the chance to play sports with the exception of swimming club. Boo! I was proud of Skyla showing INTIATIVE! She wanted to sign up for Cross Country. See, she got her Uncle Mark in her. He did that too. And Karatae, I still owe that to her for bringing up her math grade last year.

Chenna is excited to start 3rd grade. She is the only one who knows who her Teacher is. She actually got a letter in the mail. I know she is going to help her teacher out. She loves doing that. Helping out. Her school supply list? one thing. Thats it. We are used to buying for the whole class. I was surprised. She misses her little “Boyfriend” tho. And her best friend from her old school. I feel bad for her. I know that feeling. To move to another school and have to start over. I told her in 10 th grade i was in 4 different school districts. That was rough.

Giselle is going to 1st grade. Thats about it. 3 days before school and we know nothing. Poor girl. Giselle has had a rough week. I took her to the docs because she was telling me she was in alot of pain. No fever nothing. Yet we found out she has Strep in her Bladder. See. This family is different. We will show symptoms of stuff but we arent text book. She had blood in her sample but no sign of infection until they cultured it. So girl is on Antibiotics. I hope this doesnt happen again. She is too young to go through that constantly.

Andrew is going back to Pre School. His peers are all going to kindegarten and he has been asking why not him. I had to explain he missed the cut off for Kindy by 5 days. There are no exceptions. I have something big to say. 2 1/2 years of potty training him is FINALLY OVER!!!! WOOOOOOOOO!
He was pee trained. But the other? You can forget it. He was convinced an alligator or crocdile was going to come up the toilet and bite him on his Rear end. I know. It sounds funny. But he was seriously terrified. He finally got it. We took ALL priveledges from him for 2 weeks and he finally got it. No accidents for a week now! Woot! Woot! Thats a big thing here.

Molly,(3) My budding Klepto. Oh boy! She stole stuff from Andrew’s preschool class today. Didnt know til i took her out of the truck at the pharmacy. Then while waiting in line at the Pharmacy, I watched her grab stuff off a shelf and put it in her pants. Ugh. I cant beleive no one saw her. No one said anything. When i finished i walked over. Grabbed the stuff and put it back. I dont know how much she understood me telling her thats wrong and we dont do that. But hopefully she knows its wrong. So when i take Andy back to school i will have to stand there with some stuff and say Hey, My 3 yr old stole this the other day. Here you go. Ugh. How embarassing. I hope Molly’s future isnt filled with mirroring Wynona Ryder or something.

Alannah, Let me say…. M #$% girls are BAAAAAD! Alannah is usually a very shy and loving child. She is always the one who will come to you if your crying. Wrap her arms around you and gives kisses. But today? You wouldnt know it. She saw a Down Syndrome boy at preschool orientation with a doll and went over and hit him. He started to cry. My heart just dropped. I felt awful for that little boy. I immediatly went over to him and his Mom and apologized. The Mom was good about it. But i explained she does that to all of us. Ugh. She loves slapping her Daddy in the face and laughs about it. Alannah will outgrow it.

Baby #8. I wont know for another month what it is. Everyone in the house is screaming Boy. So if it is it will be a Gabriel. A girl name isnt picked out. I have no clue what her name would be. Savannah? I love Savannah. Who knows. I been hearing its hb on the doppler. 168 to 172. It doesnt move a whole lot i noticed. Its so easy to find its heart beat. So i hope its ok. I know its been 12 years….. But with my experience with Xander. I could never enjoy pregnancy. I’m always on edge. Xander didnt move much either in the beginning. So i get paranoid. I hate that. Again…. Back to no health insurance and no prenatal care. Just like with Alannah. Its going to be months again. All due to a change in jobs. I wont let it stress me out this time. Because the truth is if something were to happen at this point, nothing can be done anyways. Not at the age of viability.

As for Hubby. He got his first call for his business. Unfortunatly i dont know if he can do the job. Most of his personal tools were stolen. And right now we cant do anything about that. Everything takes time. I refuse to take out a loan to get started. We will just have to do one thing at a time.It might take months. This business tho will help us get back to normal. We didnt advertise or anything yet. This call was due to his good rep. 🙂

As for me…. I have been in a battle for my kids privacy. This stranger contacts me about how they love my girls. So i check out this stranger and find out they have PERSONAL pics from MY CAMERA of my girls on THEIR PAGE! This stranger lives 2,000 miles away from me. How did they get my personal info? The other parent. My girls other parent. This woman needs to back OFF! Now the thing is….. My girls have been talking to this woman via WEBCAM at the OTHER parents house. That is a HUGE no. no. This woman started talking about being upc and this and that. I dont give a crap WHAT you are. It doesnt give you any credit. Lay off my kids.

Also some of my other personal info have been given to her and the only way that could have went out was by my fb page. I found a pic i took of my kids on this womans page. Cropped out my kids and zoomed in on my oldest daughter. HECK NO! People will be hearing from the courts in the near future. If I have to battle for privacy online and put court ordered documents in place forbidding these people to contact my kids I WILL!!!!

I myself DO NOT allow my girls to have emails, fb accts, twitter, web cam, skype any of that. ITS NOT ALLOWED HERE. There are too many foriegn wierdos that know of my girls thanks to the other parent and i wont allow that. So READ IT! Go and tell that. I WONT ALLOW IT! IT WILL BE IN THE COURTS!!!


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