The naming dilemma.

Oy vey!
Naming this baby if female is impossible. I thought we were never going to come to an agreement. And then i think a few minutes ago we may have.

I love the name Savannah. BUT…. Hubby says it sounds like a stripper name. Um. Ok MARK! You sound like my brother now. His name was Mark and when i was pregnant with Xander i mentioned i liked the name Nicolette and he said the same thing. Sounds like a Stripper name. Ugh. Fine.

So now here we are. Everything i throw out is vetoed. But then again Hubby could say the same thing about me. He came up with names and im like No. No. And HECK No!

The first no is Anastasia.
The second no is Cassandra.
The HECK no is MORGAN. MORGAN? Are you kidding me? It sounds like death. Dark and creepy. no offense to any Morgans out there. What is her nick name going to be? MORG? It sounds like Morgue. No thanks.

We also came up with Jessalynn. A mix of our middle names. But honestly. the more i said the more i disliked it. I cant stand my middle name. Lynn. Like every other girl in the whole world born in the 60’s 70’s and 80’s has the middle name of lynn. Too common. I dont want to be reminded of it. Tho its better than the alternative. My Dad if he ever did anything SAVED my name for me. My Mom wanted to name me…….. Ready for this? Tina Louise. Gag! My Dad chimed in at the last minute and suggested My name now. THANKYOU!

So what is the possible suggested name?
Well its starts with an S. Ends in lett. Name of a charachter in one of my favorite movies and i threw in Jessa as a middle name to make him think of it as a possibility and he said it doesnt sound bad. Oh goodness. Could it be?

Scarlett Jessa #%^&.

Well ok then. Stay tuned cause it may change tomorrow. Ha!

The Boy name is safe. Been picked out for years. No changing. Tho other alternatives that i like are Connor, Chad, Harrison, Jackson, and Fernando. I’m kidding. Scrap Fernando. Could you imagine that to go with our German last name? Ha. Ha. Ha. Tho Michael would be a bad idea too. Wink! Wink! Oh and when i had my first miscarriage back in 99′, Guess what the doctors name was who did my d & c? Michael Myers. Im not kidding. Made me feel like, great. I have Michael Myers taking my baby out. Nice.

I also like and these have been vetoed. Oliver, Julian, Joseph, and Thomas. I always wanted a Joey or a Tommy. Shrug.

So there you have it. This kid better be a boy. Because if not it will probably go though many names before its actually named. Like with Giselle. I had so many names picked out for her. and i was on my own naming her. I wrestled with Kelly, Madison, Josephine and Lucy.

and ended up with Giselle. She didnt even get named until right before she when home. She was known as baby girl D. for 2 days in the hospital. When she was born she looked like Jackie Chan. Seriously. She had these cute squishyeyes and chubby cheeks even tho she was barely 6 lbs. Ha! I thought of naming her Jaquline for a split second. LOL


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